VACANT:277 - Pabo, Social Work
Organization: pre-, primary-, middleschool Region: Bocas del Toro, Panama

The organisation

This relatively small school with class sizes between 10 and 15 students and goes from pre school to middle school 9th grade ( in the Netherlands this would be age 4-15). The school is located on the Main Island of the caribean archipel Bocas del Toro, Panama. It is only a 5 minute walk away from the hostel where you would be staying.

The school teaches in both Spanish and English. Spanish is the first language, but various subjects are taught in English (among others; science, history, business administration). It is an evengelic school but students who are not Evangelic are also very welcome and the religious part is not very present in the daily schoollife. Thanks to the highly motivated and well coordinated teachers and the good teamspirit, the school organizes frequent educational school outings to local organisations and businesses.


Internship possibilities

Interns are very welcome here and have a wide range of possibilities. The school would like to see the interns do what they feel comfortable with, the intern shoudl make proposals for activities and the school will then revise this and approof it if possible.

You could think of special projects on different age levels about specific topics as nutrition, art, online-etiquete, etc.  But also you can be a teacher assistent, carry out tutoring projects, make lesson plans, create teaching materials, etc. You may help or carry out special events and fieldtrips. 

The big summer holiday starts early December en ends early March. Also most of July is a month of vacation



Your internship supervisor will speak Spanish and English and has a teaching degree issued by the Panamanian Ministry of Education.


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