VACANT:276 - Nutrition, Nursing, Education
Organization: Childhood Healthcare Region: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

The Organisation


In Costa Rica, CEN-CINAI ( Dirección Nacional de Centros de Educación y Nutricion y de Centros Infantiles de Atención Integral) is under direction of the Ministry of Health and works to improve the nutrition of impoverished and at risk families as well as childhood development. It is a bit to be compared with the 'consultatiebureau' in the Netherlands.


The institution forms part of 11 local daycres/ kindergartens in the region of Talamanca ( part of the province of Limón, Costa Rica) They attent Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00h.


Their healthcare includes: serving meals, distributing food and milk to vulnarable families, mapping wellness and providing nutritional education. 




Contribute to the current and future well-being of children, offering them healthcare in childprotection, preventive nutrition, registration and intervenience of growth- and health development with equal, accessible, good-quality healthcare; directed at children form pregnancy till 13 years old, to its family and community, giving an impulse to the social participation and integral development of the country. 




To be the leading institute for healthcare in nutrition and childdevelopment, adapted to the needs of Costa Rica's children. The population will recognize us as an accessible, reliable institute that attends child rights, helps family groups and communities in their task of child raising. Our staff  will be recognized by their technical capacity, compromise and efficiency.

Internship possibilities

An nutrition-intern can assist with the mentioned activities and can have a focus on (developing) health education.

Your supervisor is an certifies Costa Rican nutritionist who speaks Spanish and English. Besides her work at CEN-CINAI, she also works two afternoons in a private health clinic in Puerto Viejo as a nutritionist. Here you are also welcome to assist her in her work. In the beginning you help with weighing and measuring patients and observe the consultations and learn about the typical nutrition problems of the region. Once you are well orientated and a bit more integrated you may also help to diagnose and investigate for solutions for the most common nutrition-related problems.

Also students of nursing,education and communication are welcome in this stimulating environment.


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