VACANT:253 - Tourism/ Business/ Environmental
Organization: Agricultural tourism Region: Turrialba - Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Internship Organization
Since 1942, the Turrialba valley has been home to the campus headquarters of a Center for Research and Higher Education to Tropical Agriculture, housing some of the most important plant collections in the Americas.

The majority of the Center’s collections are located in the Botanical Garden, a 45 hectare farm that maintains nearly 4,400 genetic samples— representing more than 280 species from around the world.

The botanical garden educates people for a changing world, sharing scientific and productive information on agribusiness and natural resources in an interactive manner that is suitable for all types of audiences. The park draws from the Center's  70 years of scientific research and hands-on experience in agrobiodiversity, focused on improved human well-being and environmental protection.

The botanical garden is an interactive experience based on the Center'ss scientific work to create sustainable agroproductive systems and promote the sustainability of natural resources. The result is a dynamic and participative adventure that is fun for all. Here, you will learn about a breathtaking variety of tropical fruits, medicinal, oil-producing and ornamental plants, roots, tubers and timber trees. 

The botanical garden is made up by a touroperator, a farm with cows including a milk factory, seedbank and many hectares of agricultural production and a botanical garden where tourists can participate in guided tours. 

Activities for interns
As an intern you can help with mapping the existing medicinal plants in the botanical garden, develop a tour and a manual for a "medicinal plants" tour, develop a butterfly tour and create packages of activities and help marketing and selling it to tour operators. There is also a coffee tour that needs to be structured, marketed and sold. Products derived from coffee can be developed and sold at the Botanical garden to help improve income. You can be part of the process of making publicity materials as well. 
As part of the requirements to approve your apprenticeship, the organization needs to receive a copy or your insurance policy, passport and CV (the last one we will find it between the documentation you will be uploading at this site) and a letter from your University in which they describe you and recommend you for this internship. 
Jose Coto Cordero, graduated from the study "Tourist companies & activities" from a private University in Cartago, will be your guide during your time at this internship. He speaks good English and Spanish. 
Free transportation from town to the Botanical garden of this Agricultural University is included. 

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