VACANT:242 - Nursing
Organization: Elderly home Region: Turrialba, Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, people usually try to take care of the elderly that can no longer live by themselves, among close family members. Only when it is not possible due to illnesses, a very high level of care that is required, or when there are no familymembers  or when people simply don't want to because of negative feelings  the older person, they turn to an "elderly home"  for care. Fortunately places like "San BuenAventura" do exist. It is spacious, clean, well organized and equipped although it is highly dependent on government's support and individuals donations to keep it functioning well. 

This Institution on average has 72 persons living here full time from which 50 are men and 22 women. Also of these 72 persons, appr. 35 are mobile only with their wheelchair. There is one physical therapist that is responsible for half-yearly evaluations of all members and elaborating a yearly individual workplan. Objectives are established and monitored on the physical and cognitive level. For each inhabitant a file is available and althought most information is officially totally confidential, medical information can be shared and if necessary exceptions can also be made.


Nursing elderly people has a special challenge since older people are more vulnerable and they need to have a meaning of life to stay as happy and healthy posible. Each inhabitant has its own clinical file.

Since alleviating the eldery and improving their quality of life is one of the priorities in this home, investigation, evaluation of risks and constraints, making improvements in the people's surroundings, making individual  training schedules & therapies as well as tracking of development and level of quality of life in general including contact with family outside the home,  are some of the activities that you as an intern can be involved in. 

There are 4 nurses working at this elderly home with a bachelor degree in nursing. Together with them you can:

  • administer medicine and keep track of the medicine use of each inhabitant
  • woundcare for example with wounds caused by diabetes
  • general controls like measuring weight, bloodpressure
  • accompany inhabitants when they need to go to the hospital


One of the licensed nurses will be your local supervisor. 


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