VACANT:241 - Sportsmanagement/ physical education
Organization: Departamental Sport and Recreation Committtee Region: Turrialba, Costa Rica


This organisation is the committee of Sports and Recreation for the entire department of Turialba, Costa Rica. Together with the municipalities they manage all public sportslocations such as: soccerfield, indoor sports halls and make usage of public parks and squares. They do not only maintain these locations but also have the responsibility to motivate and give access to be physically active to the Turialba population. 

The committee is doing a very good job to achieve this. They coordinate with local sportsclubs and support many local initiaves. But they also hace their own clubs and they organize a lot of events such as:

  • a soccer club with several teams of different age groups and ability (from early stimulation for 2-4 years old, to the soccerteam that plays in the national league)
  • badminton lessons and teams
  • basketball
  • gymnastics for kids and adults
  • mountainbike events for kids and adults
  • recreational hikes throughout the province
  • and many more

There are  paid employees, most of them are teachers in physical education. At the municipal sports hall they have their office with desks, computers and interet access. Besides these employees, many volunteers and local sport initiaves and clubs are active members at the committee.


Depending on the duration of your internship, your careers, personal preferences and requierements from your university you will be appointed a local supervisor. Where needed personal tasks and objectives can be defined. Examples of possibilities:

  • organize an sports event
  • assist with the organization of sportsevents
  • write handbooks and evaluation for re-occurring sports events
  • assist the teachers with the preperation of their lessons and assist during classes
  • train sportmen and/or  children


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