VACANT:229 - Microcredit & Project Development
Organization: Microcredit Region: San José, Costa Rica
General Description

This foundation dedicated to providing microcredits, was founded in 1994. From the beginning, it attempted to create a socio-environmental model which integrates farmers and small entrepreneurs, who don’t have credit options in traditional banking. For this reason, the foundation aims to meet the needs of funding and technical assistance of micro, small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs, individuals or groups, engaged in economic and environmental sustainability. 

Their goal is promoting sustainable development by assisting it's clients in developing their business plans and marketing their products at national and international level. Over the years the foundation has invested approximately $ 35 million in over 300 projects that promote sustainable development. Credits are destined to projects that conduct activities that contribute to the quality of life, environmental protection, and gender equity. Credits should be framed within any of the four thematic areas:

  • sustainable agriculture; like biological coffee plantations, fairtrade bee-keeping 
  • sustainable tourism: provinding credits for small business who operate in sustainable tourism to be able to expand.
  • gender equity: platform website for producers of traditional Costa Rican handicrafts
  • clean technologies such as small hydro-plants
Mission: They work for the improvement of socio-productive, environmental and gender equality conditions of the population of Costa Rica.

Vision: Be the leader in financial and technical support for sustainable projects.

Possible activities interns: 
  • Analyzing and giving feedback about actual project results
  • Searching new areas or organizations that need support
  • Reviewing, analyzing and judging new credit requests
  • Offering support to running projects.
  • Implementing different tools to measure the sustainable performance of the running projects. 
Guidance: The executive director will be your supervisor. She will be available for your questions and weekly evaluations. She has a degree in Industrial Engineering. 
Remarks (language): Spanish needs to be spoken at a high level (at least B1). 



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