VACANT:220 - Nutrition
Organization: Organic Farm Region: Turrialba, Costa Rica

This small, family-run Organic farm, located near to Turrialba - Cartago - Costa Rica, owned by two persons with the NorthAmerican Nationality and their five young kids that all work at the farm, has been in operation since 2002. All production is both organic and sustainable. Products: 6 different types of lettuce, kale, cilantro, bell peppers, onions, bananas, plantains, yucca and other root types. There are also animals like chickens for eggs and cows for milk production (cheese and yoghurt) and meat consumption of the family. 

The owners have 13 years experience in organic & sustainable production in tropical agriculture in Costa Rica. 

The farm has been certified by a local organisation that specializes in Organic Production. 



Tasks in the field: Tweeding, planting, making compost, cut grass, prepare transplants, prepare earth for planting, harvest, help prepare products to go to the market, help sell at the market.

Tasks in the office: make information cards about all products (names, origins, nutritional value, possible uses, etc) for use at the market (inform public)/

Possible investigations: interview clients about satisfaction present products & possible new products/ learn about possible processing techniques of raw materials into food products: drying of fruit, leaves (cultivated and wild), making teas, herb mixes, etc/ investigate about marketing biologically cultivated food products/ investigate about cacao production in tropical countries. 

Local Supervision

That farmer's will guide you where possible. They are fascinated with organic food, but they are no nutrionists or dietists. This makes that this vacancy is only suitable for certain kinds of internship/ foreign experience/ fieldwrok for minors


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