VACANT:206 - Business ,Tourism, International Business and Communication
Organization: Hotel and Resort Region: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

This 5 star, Eco friendly, luxurious boutique hotel is situated in the beautiful south-east coastal area of Costa Rica. It’s ideal for tourists that love being surrounded by nature because the hotel is surrounded by easy accessible National parks that offer a wide variety in wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, lizards, parrots in its forests.


The hotel and reserve is involved in several sustainable projects, one of them includes the local red Macaw.  They have 6 acres of jungle around the hotel in which they release the Macaws to increase the population. The guests of the hotel can see them and go on a tour with a guide from the hotel.


Special about this hotel is that they offer 5 star service, but without ‘the attitude’. They offer a nice variety of services with among others Spa, gym, tours and transportation. Their customer service is outstanding and this is recognized by the many prices they won for their customer service and ecofriendly attitude.


The small 20 room hotel employs about 80 persons to provide excellent service to their guests. Seven employees work at the office area that is focused on general management, human resources, marketing, and planning - reservation management.


Activities for interns


The hotel offers wide range of work activities such as:

  • a special assignment is making a marketing and communication plan for the 20 new child- friendly rooms that are being build at the hotel. Nowadays only tourists withoout kids come. Especially many people comr for their honeymoon. More and more of their guest want to come back to the hotel, but now with kids. Its a challenge to market for this new customer group and to figure out how this two different guest*profiloe can be at the same resort without disturbing eachothers joy.
  • improving the efficiency of the sales department
  • managing the staff
  • online marketing
  • investigating new marketing channels
  • reservation management and planning
  • You can do a research in the field of your study for example customer need research, SWOT analysis.


Also the hotel is willing to make a special program according to the goals of the internship of the student.

Work days are 6 days and you have to be flexible towards working hours.  The work hours are usually from 8 AM – 5 PM.




The general manager of the hotel will be your supervisor. He will be available for you for questions and weekly evaluations. The general manager has a master’s degree in business administration and a degree in Human Resources.   When the GM is not in the hotel, you will be supervised by another supervisor who is always present in the hotel and works in the office.




The hotel offers bed and board during the internship. This includes 3 meals a day. The room they offer to stay in will be for 2 students or volunteers.


The dress code, for employees including interns is black formal shoes and grey or dark pants, this means no jeans material. The hotel will provide shirts with logo.Interested?


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