VACANT:200 - Engineering/ Civil Engineering
Organization: Institute for electricity Region: Several districts Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Internship organization
This big state organization is the national supplier of electricity. They deliver energy to homes and companies, as well as generating and distributing electricity for Costa Rica. They are also a big player in the field of telecom. 
One of the big responsibilities of this company is to guarantee the supply and delivery of electricity. The demand of electricity is always growing and therefore they need to expand both the generation and the distribution of electricity. Every two years they have to present a proposal to the government about how to generate and distribute electricity for the years to come. This proposal has to comply with the national laws and regulations concerning economics and environment. At this moment they are working on a new big hydro-electrical plant.
To be the preferred supplier to their clients, always innovating their organization and culture to be competitive.
Be the leading company for innovative solutions in telecom and electricity for the Central American Region. 
Possible activities for interns:
In reality the possibilities here are endless as this is a big company with many different sources of energy (hydraulic, geothermic, biomass) and many different activities. You can work in the area of your preference, working on issues such as:
- Investigate and write advice for issues regarding existing electricity plants. For example how to increase efficiency of the generators, or how to solve actual problems, or how to minimize the amount of time spent on big maintenance
- Help with the design of the new plants
Besides specific assignments, interns will be assigned to a team which they will assist with normal daily activities. So there are internship possibilities for 3rd year, 4th year and minors.
Your Spanish should be at intermediate level to be able to communicate with your co-workers, although some English is spoken by colleagues. You have to be flexible and open to new experiences and be able to get out of you comfort zone, and accept that things might not be done in a Western way. You have to show your own initiative to seize opportunities within the team.
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