VACANT:175 - Education / Teaching
Organization: International School Region: San José, Costa Rica
Internship organization

This international school is located in the Central Valley near San José. It has a very well equipped campus with art facilities and is surrounded by beautiful natural views.

The school prepares their students for higher education and is strongly motivated to improve the level of English. The school also pays attention to values, such as respect and tolerance towards diversity.


The schools mission is to educate human beings through a global approach by emphasizing multiculturalism and diversity in an international, multi ethnic and multilingual community, while offering a service based on a cooperative and participative work force which allows them the highest levels of efficiency and quality.

Activities for interns
Possible activities:

The internship will be centered at the English department. At the start of your internship you will assist the teachers. You will prepare lessons, support professors with teaching and will teach small groups yourself. The focus will be on conversation English with a non-American and a non-Latin accent. In this way you can get to know the school, the students and the didactics they work with. Once you are well known with the institute you can teach your own classes.

The age of the scholars you will work with is from 7 to 14 years old.

Aside from the English department you are able to do work in other departments, depending on your background and interest. Some examples are: music, biology, sports, history, mathematics and chemistry.

Other work where the intern's skills will be used is in helping organize ´The Green Week´, a sustainable program aiming at becoming familiar with the country's natural attractions as well as developing conservation awareness and integrating children into sustainable projects.

Your local supervisor will be an English teacher who has a Bachelor degree in teaching English.

Do you need a written assignment? No problem, you will be given time and space. And the local coordinator is willing to help you with the details before arrival.


The intern needs to enjoy working with children and be fluent in English. It is not necessary to speak Spanish during work hours, but recommendable in your free time.

Daily lunch is included and you can let On-Stage arrange a home stay or private apartment. You will work from 8am to 4pm, five days a week and you will have access to a work spot with wireless internet.
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