VACANT:154 - Business. Economics, Tourism
Organization: Small Eco Lodge Region: Turrialba, Costa Rica
Description of internship organization
This Eco-Lodge is situated on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano. This mountain lodge is located in the centre of a region which offers a great diversity of tours and activities for all kind of tourists, such as: river rafting, visits to the Irazu volcano and Lankester Gardens, birding, hiking, the Orosi Valley, and many more. The Lodge also offers their guests the unique opportunity to learn more about the local culture and cuisine by offering cooking classes at their Tropical Cooking School as well as by participating in community projects and schools.

The Eco-Lodge is a family hotel with 28 rooms, and 20 staff members. The clientele mainly consists of Europeans, a small part of their clients are North American and Costa Rican. The eco-part is well integrated through several projects, such as: the support of local schools, offering  sustainable tours, the support of local nature conservation projects, the usage of mainly renewable energy, etc. This Eco-Lodge obtained four (out of five) certificates of the Sustainable Tourism Board of Costa Rica.

Internship possibilities
The Eco-Lodge would like to use your skills and abilities to further improve their lodge and services. Positioned at the reception desk, you will have a lot of time to work on a project of your interest, and which will benefit the lodge. Examples of possibilities:
• Investigate customer satisfaction and give advice on this
• Obtain a certification of Rainforest Alliance, which is more internationally known than the Costa Rican certification programs
• Create a new sustainability element for one of the hotel services
You will be working from 6am - 3pm or from 3pm - 9pm at the reception. The daily work activities consists of: taking care of reservations, check-in/out of clients, communicating with travel agencies and touroperators, etc. The evening shifts also include helping in the restaurant and bar. Clients will sometimes order a beer or a cocktail. Although there is a chef, kitchen personnel, one bartender, and local people waiting tables, many times support from the intern is needed and appreciated. This variety in work activities is typical for a small hotel, and will give you the opportunity to get to know the hotel-business.

Your internship will be supervised by the well experienced owners of the Eco-Lodge. They are a married couple from Uruguay and The Netherlands.

You will have room & board stay for free at the Eco-Lodge. Because of the international clients, your language skills are very important. Especially English and Spanish will be vital to communicate with clients and colleagues. At the start of your internship you should at least control the basics of Spanish, so you can make yourself clear at the daily work activities. On- Stage offers Spanish courses before the start of the internship. 
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