VACANT:151 - Business/Economics, Tourism
Organization: Chain of Spanish Schools and hostels Region: Turrialba, Costa Rica
Internship organization

This organization offers a wide range of different products and services. It offers Spanish courses at four different locations including housing options, but it is also possible to volunteer or go on a trip/tour with the organization.

The organization wants to provide inspiring cultural learning experiences at locations which stand out for having a relaxed atmosphere and their natural and cultural beauty. They want to contribute to more meaningful existence by investing in projects that their community (students, workers, friends, and fans) consider important for the future of our planet.
Activities for interns
Depending on your career and personal preference, they can make you a suitable workplan at the department(s) you want to work. Examples of possibilities are:
• Management department: process reservations, organize Spanish classes, organize, confirm and pay activities, coordinate student travels between our locations, update spreadsheets, communicate with host families, do online bank payments, coordinate cleaning work, keep track of supplies.
• Activity department: organize existing activities, investigate new options, provide accurate and attractive information supply, gather and process feedback from students.
• Volunteer department: organize existing volunteer options, investigate new options, provide accurate and attractive information supply, get & process feedback from students.
• Marketing / Sales: getting the schools on websites, getting in touch with more agencies, Improve our website, marketing social media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, Help with the Dutch website that we are making and local marketing in Costa Rica & Panama.
Sometimes practical executive work can be vital for the business. A flexible approach is required.


The Dutch owner and manager who founded the school and knows all the ins and outs will be your internship supervisor during your internship.


This organization offers discounted housing at location. It depends on the availability if you can stay in a private or a shared room. Depending on your Spanish skills a work plan will be made for you, but it is necessary to speak at least basic Spanish at the start of your internship. So you can communicate with your colleagues and attend customers. You can take Spanish lessons at the locations themselves.
Please contact after subscribing at our website.
Just to be clear:
On-Stage Latin America provides many internships for all kinds of study programs. Besides the available vacancies on the website, we also offer a wide range of other internships. If you have a specific request, send us an e-mail and we will do our best to help you.

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