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If you are looking for an educational adventure, during and after work hours, then Nicaragua is the right place for you. There are many possibilities in different business areas. For things to do in your spare time you don't have to worry at all! There are lots to do while you explore this wonderful, non-touristic country and enjoy the beauty that it offers. And on the days you don't feel like exploring, you just stay in your hammock and enjoy the weather with the local rum, a fresh fruit juice or a local beer.

Services included:

social responsible
personal guidance
on 1st day
clean and safe
24/7 attainable
in case of
spanish courses
airport pick-up
handy welcome
preparatory help
Spanish course Costa Rica
Are you (planning) to travel through Latin America? Do you need to learn some Spanish? Are you going to volunteer or have internship or in a Spanish speaking country? Or would you just simply like to learn Spanish? On-Stage Latin America provides varied, intensive, and personalized quality courses in Latin America.
Housing Costa Rica
Do you feel like doing something different? Do you like to get to know another way of living ? Or do want to travel, but don't feel like doing this alone?
On-Stage strives for sustainability in its pricing policy. On-Stage does not want to contribute to poverty by abusing the need of others. Many people in Nicaragua have so little that they are willing to sell their products or services for too little money so that at least something is earned in the short term. In the long term, this is often a recipe for disaster and does nothing to improve the (economic) situation of this person or business. Additionally, there is lack of education and a culture where one does not look beyond the present. Because On-Stage can offer more continuity to its partners, On-Stage helps them to improve their living standard in a structural way.
On-Stage Latin America doesn't strive for maximum profit. Profit is not the target but a condition to be able to continue with our work. Profit is needed to be able overcome hardships, to grow and to reward employees and partners decently. Therefore, On-stage chooses not to offer the lowest possible price possible, but to offer a fair price. These prices are still very low compared to most other countries and other mediation agencies.
Prices for housing, Spanish courses and the costs of living vary per country. In general you can say that the more developed a country is, the more expensive your costs of living will be.Underneath you find the prices our packages and a pricechart for basic expensesper country. On the pages with general information about every country you will find our packages and a price chart for basic expenses per country. These reflect the costs that are probably the most relevant for you. The price charts help you make an estimation of the quantity you might spend apart from your costs of living, the Spanish course and the administration costs for On-Stage™s mediation.