If you fancy an educational adventure, both during and after working hours of your internship, you’ll love Latin America! Don’t worry about your spare time, since you’ll be able to explore the beautiful countries and enjoy the great climate and the relaxed ambiance. Having an off-day? Spend it in a hammock, taking in the weather, tasting the local rum or a fresh juice or a local beer.



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128 Interships Found

Career Type    
# Type of education Organization Region Country
259 Applied Psychology, Social Works Rehabilitation for young adicts Granada Nicaragua
187 Biololgy / Veterinarian / Wildlifemanagement National Zoo & Rehabilitation center Ticuantepe Nicaragua
71 Biology / Environmental Studies Foundation Private nature reserves Nicaragua, natuurreservaten Nicaragua
157 Biology / Wildlifemanagement/ Nature Nature Reserves Nicaragua Nicaragua
227 Biology Scientific Research Whale Foundation Puerto Lopez Ecuador
206 Business ,Tourism, International Business and Communication Hotel and Resort Manuel Antonio Costa Rica
262 Business related Paint distribution center Ticuantepe Nicaragua
208 Business, communication, tourism Tourist Information Center Dominical Costa Rica
202 Business, Management, ICT Technological Solution Company Quito Ecuador
107 Business/Economics Fashion & Recycling Quito Ecuador
108 Business/Economics Supermarket chain Quito Ecuador
98 Business/Economics Microcredit Leon Nicaragua
114 Business/Economics Women project on weaving Matagalpa Nicaragua
101 Business/Economics, Communication NGO for Nature conservation Managua Nicaragua
136 Business/Economics, Communication Volunteer organization Granada Nicaragua
147 Business/Economics, Communication, Tourism Tourism website Managua Nicaragua
172 Business/Economics, Communication, Tourism Cultural hostel Surroundings of Otavalo Ecuador
89 Business/Economics, International Business, Communication Microcredit Masaya Nicaragua
143 Business/Economics, Tourism Eco Voluntourism Farm Galapagos Islands Ecuador
112 Business/Economics, Tourism Tours, Spanish, Volunteering Quito Ecuador
119 Business/Economics, Tourism Travel Agency Quito Ecuador
127 Business/Economics, Tourism Travel Agency, Language School Quito Ecuador
135 Business/Economics, Tourism Tour operator Managua Nicaragua
151 Business/Economics, Tourism Chain of Spanish Schools and hostels Turrialba Costa Rica
149 Business/Economics, Tourism Tour Operator Galapagos Islands Ecuador
152 Business/Economics, Tourism Touroperator La Fortuna Costa Rica
153 Business/Economics, Tourism Eco Resort Osa Costa Rica
154 Business. Economics, Tourism Small Eco Lodge Turrialba Costa Rica
156 Business/Economics, Tourism Hotel Alajuela Costa Rica
159 Business/Economics, Tourism Ecofarm with rural tourism Muy Muy, Matagalpa Nicaragua
162 Business/Economics, Tourism Municipal Tourism Board Santo Domingo Ecuador
165 Business/Economics, Tourism Touroperator San Jose Costa Rica
193 Tourism Mountain Hotel Cotopaxi Ecuador
194 Business/Economics, Tourism Mountain Eco-Hotel Quilotoa Loop Ecuador
258 Communication/ Commercial Economy/ Tourism TEFL certified school Granada Nicaragua
109 Design Design & Recycling Quito Ecuador
273 Education Public pre- and primary school Bocas del Toro Panama
267 Education (environmental) NGO sea turtles Bocas del Toro Panama
250 Electrical Engineering Salt and grain processing plant Masaya Nicaragua
200 Engineering/ Civil Engineering Institute for electricity Several districts Costa Rica Costa Rica
255 Entrepreneurship/ Management Organic Farm Turrialba - Costa Rica Nicaragua
197 Pharmacology Public Hospital Masaya Nicaragua
198 Pharmacology Health center Granada Nicaragua
204 Fashion and Business Textil factory Masaya Nicaragua
86 Food Technology Chinandega Nicaragua
246 Foodtechnology Salt and grains processing plant Masaya Nicaragua
182 Forestry, Nature Conservation, Communication, Tourism, Ocean Sciences National Park Galapagos Islands San Cristobal - Galapagos Islands Ecuador
44 Physiotherapy Healthcare for handicapped youngsters Leon Nicaragua
68 Physiotherapy Public Hospital Masaya Nicaragua
181 Physiotherapy Regional Office of Public Health San Cristobal - Galapagos Eilanden Ecuador
124 Physiotherapy Public health center Granada Nicaragua
134 Physiotherapy Home for Elderly Quito Ecuador
150 Physiotherapy Non-Profit Health Campaign Santo Domingo Ecuador
188 Physiotherapy Care center for disabled children Managua Nicaragua
201 Physiotherapy Elderly home Granada Nicaragua
47 Nursing Shelter for poor kids Granada Nicaragua
73 Nursing Health center Granada Nicaragua
84 HBO-V / Verpleegkunde Gezondheidscentrum Catarina Nicaragua
144 Nursing Public Hospital Masaya Nicaragua
203 HBO-V / Verpleegkunde Bejaardenhuis Granada Nicaragua
252 Health, social work Holistisch gezondheids centrum voor vrouwen Turrialba - Costa Rica Costa Rica
260 Health, social work NGO for childrens wellness Near Granada Nicaragua
215 Hotel management / Facility Management 5 star Hotel Managua Nicaragua
245 Hotel management, Tourism, FM, IBL, IBMS Small Luxury Hotel Granada Nicaragua
251 IBL, Event Management, Leisure Management Place of entertainment Granada Nicaragua
222 IBL, IBMS, CE Paint Distributor Managua Nicaragua
214 International Business Administration Credits for SME Managua Nicaragua
207 International Business, Marketing, Management Eco Hotel Ojochal Costa Rica
46 Speech Therapy Healthcare for disabled people Leon Nicaragua
33 Maatschappelijk werk/ verpleging (nr33) Naschoolse opvang arme buurt Granada Nicaragua
120 Media & Entertainment TV production company Quito Ecuador
229 Microcredit & Project Development Microcredit San José Costa Rica
242 Nursing Elderly home Turrialba Costa Rica
146 Nursing internship Public Hospital Masaya
220 Nutrition Organic Farm Turrialba Costa Rica
257 Nutrition Elderly home Turrialba Nicaragua
22 Nutrition & Dietetics Underprivileged young mothers Granada Nicaragua
78 Nutrition Public healthcenter Granada Nicaragua
95 Nutrition Public Hospital Masaya Nicaragua
140 Nutrition & Dietetics Elderly home for the poor Quito Ecuador
141 Nutrition & Dietetics Foundation for teenagers and single mothers Quito Ecuador
142 Nutrition Public Healthcare Ometepe Island Nicaragua
185 Nutrition & Dietetics Non-profit daycare center Quito Ecuador
261 nutrition, teaching NGO grassroot organisation Granada Nicaragua
274 Nutritionist´s assistant Nutrition Turrialba Costa Rica
175 Education / Teaching International School San José Costa Rica
80 Optometry Public hospital Granada Nicaragua
178 Outdoor activity management (communication, tourism, business related) Ecofarm adventure lodge Sarapiqui Costa Rica
130 Education / Teaching Kindergarten & after-school care Granada Nicaragua
88 Managua Nicaragua
128 Education / Teaching Public primary school Granada Nicaragua
224 pedagogues, social workers, teachers (special education), fysiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists Center for handicapped children Granada Nicaragua
223 Physical therapy/ exercise therapy Elderly home Turrialba Costa Rica
235 Physical Therapy/ Social Work Daycare for disabled people Turrialba Costa Rica
228 Physical- / Exercise Therapy Daycare disabled people and Early intervention Granada Nicaragua
272 Research Assistant Sea Turtle Protection Organisation Bocas del Toro Panama
236 Social juridische dienstverlening Legal counselors Masaya Nicaragua
247 Social Work Elderly home Turrialba Costa Rica
239 Social Work Soccer club Puerto Lopez Ecuador
256 Social Work in Children's Shelter Children's Shelter Turrialba Costa Rica
248 Social Work-Education local youth development organization Granada Nicaragua
249 Social Work-Education Education& Care community center Chimborazo Ecuador
209 Social Work/ SJD Shelter for Indigenous women Turrialba Costa Rica
238 Soccer club Puerto Lopez Ecuador
192 Sociale rechten, rechtsbijstand NGO vrouwen rechten Granada Nicaragua
11 Social Work After-school care poor neighborhoord Granada Nicaragua
12 Social Works Education and development of children Granada Nicaragua
104 Social Work Special needs education Granada Nicaragua
70 Social Work Special needs education Juigalpa Nicaragua
83 Social Work Special needs education Granada Nicaragua
92 Social Work Special needs education Masaya Nicaragua
93 Social Work Foundation for Education and Information Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua
116 Social Work Organization for street youth Quito Ecuador
126 Sociale studies Weeshuis Quito Ecuador
173 Social Work Orphanage for girls Granada Nicaragua
9 Education, social work Foundation supporting education Granada Nicaragua
121 Social Works/ Education, Teaching Child and family care Ambato Ecuador
195 Social work, child psychology, nursing Public school Galapagos Eilanden - Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Ecuador
161 Sport Management, IBMS, IBL Sports and events location Ticuantepe Nicaragua
42 Sports, Physical Education Primary schools Catarina Nicaragua
122 Sports, Physical Education Public primary school Granada Nicaragua
241 Sportsmanagement/ physical education Departamental Sport and Recreation Committtee Turrialba Costa Rica
213 Tourism, Hospitality, Hotel Management, Business Administration, Facility management Boutique Hotel Puerto Cayo, Manabi Ecuador
212 Tourism, Marketing, Business Management, Facility Management Travel Agency and Operator Quito Ecuador
169 Tourism/ Business delegation of ministry of tourism Granada Nicaragua
217 Tourism/ Business Boutique Hotel Granada Nicaragua
253 Tourism/ Business/ Environmental Agricultural tourism Turrialba - Costa Rica Costa Rica
196 Midwife Public Hospital Masaya Nicaragua


Read the website and the terms and conditions.


Read the website and the terms and conditions.


Describe what you want to do, what you are able to do and what needs to be done concerning the internship. Based on this information On-Stage will start the matchmaking.


On-Stage will send a confirmation of your registration and will give you an indication of the chances that we can find what you are looking for. Additional information maybe requested.


On-Stage will search for a suitable internship placement and will make propositions. Often there is also telephone contact to get more detailed information.


Once a match is found, and is agreed upon by all parties (you, your university and On-Stage), the agreement will be sent and the first bill will be send. You can then buy your airplane ticket!


You will get a Prep& Pack for your destination.


On-Stage takes care of the practical issues such as a Spanish course and housing based on your personal preferences.


Attention, please! Regular travel insurance is often not sufficient for longer stays and does not cover your liability for any internship/ volunteer activities. So make sure you are adequately insured during your entire stay and during your internship/ volunteer work. In collaboration with Joho, On-Stage offers good insurances. Please contact insurance@joho.org and mention you come through On-Stage latin America.


A few days before departure you will receive an email with some last minute tips for your journey.


A few days after arrival, your Spanish course starts. During this course you will be introduced to the Spanish language and to the day-to-day life in your destination country. During the Spanish course someone from On-Stage will come to meet in person.


During the Spanish course you will get an email containing the time, date and some other details concerning your first day of internship. On-Stage accompanies you on this first day so you will know where you should go, who your supervisor is, what the first week will look like and, if necessary, On-Stage will help with translation.


From this moment it is up to you to make a success of your internship. Every two months you will receive a bill for the housing and other services. All bills during your stay should be paid to the local bank account of the On-Stage branch office.


On-Stage is available by email and phone
if there are any problems that you cannot handle yourself and that are related to your internship and housing and in case of emergencies.


* Contact details of internshipcompanies are only shared once the mediation fee has been paid. In case your university does not apporve the internship and you can proove this in writing, you will get the complete amount of mediation fee back from On-Stage.


A few days after arrival, your Spanish course starts. During this course you will be introduced to the everyday life in Nicaragua. During the Spanish course someone of On-Stage comes to meet in person and to answer any of your questions.
On-Stage strives for sustainability in its pricing policy. On-Stage does not want to contribute to poverty by abusing the need of others. Many people in Nicaragua have so little that they are willing to sell their products or services for too little money so that at least something is earned in the short term. In the long term, this is often a recipe for disaster and does nothing to improve the (economic) situation of this person or business. Additionally, there is lack of education and a culture where one does not look beyond the present. Because On-Stage can offer more continuity to its partners, On-Stage helps them to improve their living standard in a structural way.
On-Stage Latin America doesn't strive for maximum profit. Profit is not the target but a condition to be able to continue with our work. Profit is needed to be able overcome hardships, to grow and to reward employees and partners decently. Therefore, On-stage chooses not to offer the lowest possible price possible, but to offer a fair price. These prices are still very low compared to most other countries and other mediation agencies.
Prices for housing, Spanish courses and the costs of living vary per country. In general you can say that the more developed a country is, the more expensive your costs of living will be.Underneath you find the prices our packages and a pricechart for basic expensesper country. On the pages with general information about every country you will find our packages and a price chart for basic expenses per country. These reflect the costs that are probably the most relevant for you. The price charts help you make an estimation of the quantity you might spend apart from your costs of living, the Spanish course and the administration costs for On-Stage™s mediation.