VACANT:98 - Business/Economics
Organization: Microcredit Region: Leon, Nicaragua
Internship organization
This organization is one of the centers of a respected microcredit provider. This organization provides microcredits (small loans) to small and starting businesses. In this way, these entrepreneurs are able to invest in e.g. the purchase of a cow, sewing machine, or shop, in order to improve their financial position in the future. The focus is on the self-development of the entrepreneurs, rather than just lending money.
Activities for interns
Examples of possibilities:
·         Investigating and determining the potential customers in León
·         Continuing the customer service survey, based on this information you can write a marketing and sales report
·         Fundraising
·         Professionalizing the website and other communication channels
The organization implements many different types of projects on behalf of foreign aid organizations. At these projects you will also be involved. An example is the provision of mini-mortgages for a residential project for poor people.
Guidance and remarks
You will be guided by the manager of the centre, who is an engineer. Furthermore, you will also have colleagues who would like to help you. You will stay at an international student house (mainly occupied by Nicaraguans and Dutch), in which in total 7 students can live. The student house is located within walking distance of your internship. The organization is looking for someone who is able to work independently. It is also recommended to take a Spanish course in Nicaragua prior to your internship.
Please contact after subscribing at our website.
Just to be clear:
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