VACANT:89 - Business/Economics, International Business, Communication
Organization: Microcredit Region: Masaya, Nicaragua
Internship organization

This organization consists of several branches:

• BRANCH A: Providing microcredits to set up businesses, but also for educational, health or housing purposes. The employees do not only work on accounting, but they also examine the solvency of persons/companies, collect money and carry out the marketing activities for the microcredits.

• BRANCH B: Motivation of local development. Which is done through visits to the communities by so-called ‘promoters’. They talk with the local people and make a diagnosis (like a SWOT-analysis) about the community. I.a. about social problems and they write a course of action for this. Examples of problem areas are: health (care), education or infrastructure. If the community has problems which are the responsibility of the municipality, they help the local people with reporting complaints and problems. They also assist the community in the whole process of any other interested parties, such as: Ministry of Health (MINSA), or Ministry of Education (MINED), or in the juridical field. In this branch they also help with setting up and improving businesses.

• BRANCH C: providing courses (e.g. accounting / bookkeeping) and individual counseling, but also assisting with market research. Promoters do also regularly receive training or courses from e.g. Universities.
Depending on what you are going to do, the promoter who works in your field of interest will be your internship supervisor.

A major problem in Nicaragua is unemployment. This organization is also committed to combat unemployment, through improving and extending existing businesses in order to create more jobs as well as assisting people who have no job with setting up a business (e.g. writing a business plan, accounting, etc.). Think of: shoemakers, textile businesses, bakeries, transport companies, etc. They also help them with technical support (e.g. for new sewing machines shoemakers pay 60% using microcredit and 40% turns into a gift) as well as finding potential markets, for example: through fairs in Costa Rica for the pottery businesses in San Juan de Oriente. In all the work activities they also take human development (emancipation, domestic violence, hygiene, etc.) and the environment into account.

Goal: to provide financial assistance and strategic guidance to entrepreneurs

Activities for interns

The director of the organization is an economist and the organization is used to receive foreign students/trainees (most of the time these are Americans). Every student starts with an orientation of two weeks, one week for each branch. After the orientation students decide in which branch they prefer to work. Students can work on existing activities, but the organization encourages you to take your own initiative and set up your own project within your field of expertise and their work field and with their guidance.

You can think of conducting a market research or (what they really would like) helping the businesses with setting up a (possibly multi-language) website in order to increase their market reach. They have a lot of ideas, but once you are here you will also notice many opportunities for improvement. Unfortunately there is no internal budget for the realization of such projects. Other trainees often solve this problem and reduce costs in a creative way once they have a good plan, such as: raising money among family, friends, school, etc. which generally works very well.

Working hours are from Monday to Friday, 8AM – 12PM and 1PM to 5PM and sometimes in the evenings concerning the courses. At the NGO work 17 permanent employees of which 8 are men. You will receive a desk and wireless internet, however you must bring your own laptop.


Masaya is quite a big city (especially for Nicaragua, approximately 115,000 inhabitants) and there are not many foreigners (good for your Spanish skills). Masaya is centrally located, making it easy to travel in the weekends.

Housing: You can live in Masaya or Granada. In Masaya you will be able to walk to your internship organization. It is about 20 minutes by bus from Granada to Masaya.
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