VACANT:73 - Nursing
Organization: Health center Region: Granada, Nicaragua
Internship organization

This organization is one of the health centers in Granada. In Nicaragua the health care is free for the entire population, provided they visit public health centers and hospitals. Not only consultations, but also many medicines are free.

This health center has a patient population of approximately 10,500 patients. There are six doctors, a dentist, several bachelors in nursing, a laboratory, pharmacy, and much work is done to educate adolescents and young mothers.

The patients are divided into three groups: young mothers, adolescents and others. Diseases which are common in the group "others" are asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and stomach problems.
Besides the work in the health center, regularly healthcare groups are visiting districts for e.g. vaccination operations or home visits. Working hours in general are Mon-Fri 07.00AM-01.00PM, it is also possible to have your internship here only 3-4 days a week.

Activities for interns

During your internship you will work at all the departments, so that you will know all facets of the health center. One of the graduate nurses will be your internship supervisor. You will participate in technical nursing activities. In addition you can design educational materials and improve existing materials. Often there are field trips, where you together with a medical team will visit districts for e.g. vaccination operations or visit people who are not able to visit the health center.

The health center encourages you to focus on a specific patient group and for example to design the educational activities. The themes are often already determined, but the implementation is not. You will start looking for (background) information concerning the theme and create the educational materials in such a way that the message will be easy understandable for the target group. Think of sex education, diabetic patients or providing information to pregnant women.
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Nobody at the health center speaks English. Although it is not required to speak Spanish at the health center, it is recommended to take a Spanish course in Nicaragua and/or your home country prior your internship.

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