VACANT:71 - Biology / Environmental Studies
Organization: Foundation Private nature reserves Region: Nicaragua, nature reserves, Nicaragua
Internship organization

The association of private nature reserves in Nicaragua has several objectives, however they like to receive assistance to meet their objectives.

For the next few years they have the following objectives:

1. To increase the total area of private nature reserves
2. To increase the number of private nature reserves
3. To professionalize nature management and nature conservation
4. To develop a funding model and to implement this funding model

Concerning objective 1 and 2, the main problem is that land owners do not see (economic) advantage to label (part of) their land as a reserve. Environmental awareness is something which not common in Nicaragua and it will take quite some time before this development will start. For this reason, in each region (Atlantic, central, Pacific) they are now looking for items which have economic value and which apply for nature conservation, such as: sustainable forestry, producing fire wood and matches, etc. Once these items are identified, the association will look for funding and education for the implementation. It will be your task to take the first steps and to identify the possibilities.

Goal: protecting and conserving nature

Activities for trainees

They also would like you to investigate the working methods, strategies, funding, etc. from other comparable foreign associations in developing countries. How do they finance nature conservation? What is the role of the government? Who are the donors? Etc. This will be a separate assignment for a trainee who is capable for this.

Students who can make an inventory of nature areas, who have knowledge of nature management and conservation, sustainable forestry, etc. are all welcome.

The members of the board are reliable and dedicated. Many members also speak good English. As a compensation you regularly can make use of meals and accommodation at cost price.
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