VACANT:68 - Physiotherapy
Organization: Public Hospital Region: Masaya, Nicaragua
Internship organization

The physiotherapy department is a busy department of the public hospital in Masaya. Although there is very limited space and limited materials they know how to achieve improvements for their patiens. The five physiotherapists and the doctor who manages the department, give everything to provide patients with proper care. However, poor and limited resources, poor salaries and an abundance of patients hamper the work of the staff members.

The five physiotherapists who work at the department all have a relevant degree to do this work. The head of the department is a "fisiatra", an higher educated physiotherapist with doctor license. He will be your internship supervisor. Working hours are from Mon-Fri 7.00am - 1.00pm, it is also possible to work only 3-4 days a week.

Although the physiotherapy department is situated in the hospital, mostly regular patients are visiting. These patients are not from the hospital, but are visiting on referral by a general doctor. Only a few patients who are hospitalized receive physiotherapy.

Activities for interns

Everyday approximately 50 patients are treated, however with your support they hope to treat 60 patients per day. Each consultation takes about half an hour and you are constantly under the supervision of one of the physiotherapists.

There is also a special area for babies and children where they focus on the early stimulation. Concerning the adults the most common disorders are: bone or muscle fractures, paralysis, facial paralysis, aches, especially back aches and nerve aches.

There are often different ways of treatment between what you learnt in school and how they work in reality. Many interns choose to have a weekly 'casus' in which they present one of their patients and discuss how the physiotherapist and you would treat the patient. This is a very nice way to gain and exchange knowledge.


The department has a shortage of almost everything and needs e.g. posters of the human body, the nervous system, the muscles, etc. but also didactic game materials and money for e.g. paint and mattresses are welcome.
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