VACANT:47 - Nursing
Organization: Shelter for poor kids Region: Granada, Nicaragua
Internship organization

This organization was founded by a wealthy Danish man, whose aim is to improve the future of the poor people in Granada in a sustainable way. He does this primarily by focusing on the youth and children; it is just much easier to teach them something.

The organization is active for approx. 1,500 children aged 0-18 years. Through the support of nutrition, education, employment and self-confidence they hope to provide the children a better future perspective.
Goal: giving poor children and parents the chance of a better future

Because brain development is already determined in the first stage of life, the organization recently has a program for infants. The aim is not to let the infants fall behind, so they will have a fair chance of a better future.

Every day from 11am-12pm approx. 24 women with their babies visit the centre. This is already something good, because women have an inferior position and they have often nowhere to go. In total the group consists of 44 women with babies. Every meeting is voluntary and there are almost always about 24 women with babies present. Every day there is a different theme for the workshop. The themes are based upon the advice of the Ministry of Health. Some examples of topics: breastfeeding, how to physically stimulate your baby, what to do in case of diarrhoea, hygiene, family planning, etc. Each month the nurses weight and measure the babies and if necessary they also vaccinate the babies.

An integral part of the meeting is about how to feed fruits and vegetables to the baby. The organization provides these healthy baby meals and the mothers feed these to their babies. Eating fruits and vegetables is not common in Nicaragua, which shows how big the influence is of these meetings on the physical and mental development of the babies.

Activities for trainees

If you are doing your internship here you will be responsible for the preparation of the workshops. For each theme you will look for appropriate information on the internet/books and of course use the gained knowledge from your education. You will be present and help at meetings, so the mothers will get to know and trust you.

The organization also would like you to examine the babies who deviate from the standard values. For example you will visit these babies at home to see if something can be changed in their direct environment to solve the specific problem, e.g. underweight, skin problems, respiratory problems, etc.

Your supervisor will be Angela, the director of the baby club. She is an expert by experience and she is giving everything to manage the program and support the women in a very professional way. Note that she is not certified, so consult your University if this will be a problem.

You can also set up prevention programs for the other kids attending at this centre.


You need to have at least a basic knowledge of the Spanish language. In Nicaragua you can take a language course of 3 or 4 weeks, which will be sufficient. You have to be flexible, creative and have the ability to empathize. Things are different in Nicaragua, often without reason. You should try to apply your knowledge into practice, but also be open to learn about the local habits of the women.
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