VACANT:44 - Physiotherapy
Organization: Healthcare for handicapped youngsters Region: Leon, Nicaragua
Internship organization
This small organization was founded for parents and their disabled adolescents aged 14-18 years. This organization receives support of mainly Dutch foundations. The need for this type of organizations in Nicaragua is great. Many parents do not know how to cope with a disabled child. For this reason, many disabled children are neglected, abandoned and undertreated. The regular care only goes on to 14 year.
The organization consists of a daycare where 25 adolescents are sheltered. Each day there are approx. 15 adolescents present. The daycare should be as similar as possible to a normal home. The youngsters can cook here, be here and get washed and they receive much stimulation. Each child receives supervision of a psychologist and there are two teachers working for special education. There is also a physiotherapist present. Most therapies are done individually, but also in groups.

The physiotherapy equipment is not much: a special treatment bed, a running table, a swimming pool and some other materials. The philosophy is to minimize the use of special designed devices and to make maximum use of objects from everyday life, such as stairs or a chair.

Goal: providing guidance by and for the whole country to improve the lives of disabled children.
Activities for trainees
You will treat many challenging and varied patients. Because you will have much contact with the parents you should be able to communicate with them, and be willing to take a Spanish course prior your internship if you do not speak Spanish yet. In Nicaragua you can take an intensive Spanish course of 3 or 4 weeks which will be sufficient. Note that it should be your fourth-year internship! Possibly you could combine this internship with the daycare for 25 disabled children aged 0-5 years, located in the same city.
On-Stage will arrange housing for you in León. The official language is Spanish and almost nobody speaks English.
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