VACANT:136 - Business/Economics, Communication
Organization: Volunteer organization Region: Granada, Nicaragua
Internship organization
Through the provision of educational opportunities and educational materials, this organization would like to increase the level of education in the long term, as well as the future prospects of the children, and they would like to enable the people of the villages to improve their living standards. The focus is on education for the children. The organization believes in providing opportunities for the future, not in short-term aid. This organization has grown from helping one community to an organization where volunteers help at 8 schools.
Its success can be attributed to the volunteers. About 15-40 volunteers (from all parts of the world) are willing to spend their time for the purposes of this organization. In this way the organization has the ‘manpower’ to achieve real change in the lives of the children with whom the organization works. The children from the lower grades attend school in the morning, for the children from the higher grades this differs per school.
There are about 3 contracted employees, all other employees are volunteers.

Activities for interns
The organization would like to have two interns who work on the following tasks that come with ‘communication and promotion’ and the daily activities:
·         Editing the website as/when required
·         Updating and creating (instruction) documents for the volunteers as/when required
·         Writing blogs and posts on facebook
·         Searching for suppliers of volunteers, e.g. organizations such as On-Stage
·         Organizing the weekly (pub) quiz that is used for fundraising
·         Assisting the volunteer coordinators
·         Assisting with management of the volunteer housing as/when required
·         Providing information to potential volunteers and/or organizations
·         Organizing and guiding ‘awareness’ tours to the projects of the organization for tourists.

The Australian director speaks English, but the staff and many other volunteers only speak Spanish. For this reason, it is important to speak basic Spanish. If necessary you can take a Spanish course of 3 or 4 weeks in Nicaragua. Inexpensive housing is provided through the organization in one of their volunteer houses.
Please contact after subscribing at our website.
Just to be clear:
On-Stage Latin America provides many internships for all kinds of study programs. Besides the available vacancies on the website, we also offer a wide range of other internships. If you have a specific request, send us an e-mail and we will do our best to help you.

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