VACANT:124 - Physiotherapy
Organization: Public health center Region: Granada, Nicaragua
Internship organization

This important health center has a regional function and manages 8 smaller centers distributed in and around the city Granada. It is part of the free public health care. The majority of the population in Nicaragua is very poor and is dependent on this public health care.

The department physiotherapy is part of the health center in Granada. Five physiotherapists are working here fulltime and they all have an education level comparable to a Bachelor Degree. These friendly people love their jobs and give everything to provide patients with proper care. However, poor and limited resources, poor salaries and an abundance of patients hamper the work of the staff members.

There is also a special area for babies and children where they focus on the early stimulation. Concerning the adults the most common disorders are: bone or muscle fractures, paralysis, facial paralysis, aches, especially back aches and nerve aches.

The work of the department also includes various activities outside the health center. Weekly the school for disabled children, a retirement home and a daycare for disabled people are visited to treat these people. This involves both individual and group treatments. Working hours are more or less Mon-Fri 7.00am - 1.00pm, it is also possible to work 3-4 days a week.

Activities for interns

The idea is that you first become familiar with the department and the way of working in order to have your own group of patients. Each consultation takes about half an hour and you are constantly under the supervision of one of the physiotherapists. It is encouraged that you focus on a certain target group, such as: elderly people, disabled people, people with obesity, etc. or disabled people, etc. There is still much room for improvement for both group and individual therapy sessions.

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