VACANT:114 - Business/Economics
Organization: Women project on weaving Region: Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Internship organization
Since the revolution in the 80's, conserving local traditions has become more important to Nicaragua. Most of the traditional customs have disappeared when the Spaniards came to colonize Central America, and nowadays the influence of the United States makes that more and more traditions and customs are disappearing. Therefore in the 80's some successful initiatives have been started to save some cultural history.

One of them is an organization of indigenous farm women who are still weaving and braiding in a traditional way. The women live in the mountain communities around the city of Matagalpa. The fabrics produced are tailored into handbags, backpacks, wallets etc.

The profit of these products are the main income for the indigenous farm women. It helps them to improve their very basic living standards and to become more independent on their family. Furthermore, it also contributes to the conservation of their traditions and values.

The indigenous women are not (yet) able to commercialize their products themselves. For this reason a modern Nicaraguan woman has been appointed to help them, who has great plans to make this project a huge success.
Activities for interns
You will support the women during your internship by mainly professionalizing the sales and marketing of the products. Examples which can be executed in this area:
·         Designing promotion materials
·         Creating and building a network of new and existing selling points
·         Calculating cost prices
·         Creating a logistic plan for the distribution of the products
·         Creating a webshop / website
·         Designing informative labels for the products
In coordination with the manager of the project you can write and execute a marketing/ sales plan, create a business plan, and/or work on some of the tasks above mentioned. The activities you will work on depend on the demands of your type of internship, career and personal preference.

You will be living and working in Matagalpa, where some office space will be available for you. At the start of the internship you can stay in the communities for some days to become acquainted with the project. Matagalpa is a pleasant mountain town with a progressive spirit and a fresh climate. An intermediate level of Spanish is required, if necessary you can learn basic Spanish during a language course of four weeks in Nicaragua.
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