VACANT:101 - Business/Economics, Communication
Organization: NGO for Nature conservation Region: Managua, Nicaragua
Internship organization
This NGO is the oldest registered conservationist in the world. They are active throughout the world, also in Nicaragua. Their mission is to protect endangered species and ecosystems, while taking into account the local population.
In Nicaragua works a team of 11 people mainly on the protection of ‘tropical dry forest’, Maderas volcano, and the protection of endangered sea turtles.
Activities for interns
Description of internship possibilities:
1.    Through an interactive website, the NGO would like to draw attention to the protection of sea turtles. They would like to increase support, and build a network of related NGOs. To learn how a message is conveyed, you will participate in all kinds of training and information sessions in the field. After this, you will turn your new acquired knowledge into useful website ‘tools’. Your primary tasks will consist of developing the website by designing dynamic tools in order to make communication with the target group smoothly.
The previous intern has designed an interactive calendar for seminars, meetings and other events for the audience, which consists of conservation organizations, and supporters. The website should increase support for the protection of the sea turtles as well as an informative source on this topic. The intern also started the creation of a web shop for sustainable products of which the revenue benefits the protection of the sea turtles. These activities should be further developed and continued. There is also room for new initiatives.
2.    The NGO is dependent on donors, and therefore good PR is essential. However, at the moment little has been done in the field of PR. The NGO would like to have a monthly newsletter (in English and Spanish), and a format for regular substantive progress reporting to the main office. The newsletter can explain and show details of current conservation projects, contain acknowledgements to donors, and links to e.g. reports or webpages can be inserted, etc. The strategic progress reports should provide clear reporting, so the main office in England will be able to provide strategic support. A combination of both assignments is also possible.
Guidance and remarks
Internship requirements: You should be able to work with websites, for the technical part a consultant will be available. You should be active, flexible, and creative. Furthermore, it is important that you are able to work independently, and that you are good at organizing.
The director will be your supervisor during your internship. He speaks English, however your colleagues only speak Spanish. For this reason, you should have (basic) knowledge of both the English and Spanish language. In Nicaragua you can take a Spanish course prior your internship.
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